The Last Life Boat - 2018

Marguerite Donlon Dance Collective


Choreography and Concept - Marguerite Donlon

Dancer - Claudia Ortiz Arraiza, Francesco Vecchione

Music composition - Dirk Haubrich

Lightdesign - Mariella von Vequel - Westernach

Premiere - Sep 2018 - Longford, Ireland


The story

“This is the story of my Grand Aunt Katherine Gilnagh who at the age of 16 survived the Titanic. She was the last passenger on the last life boat. The excerpt we will show is a solo created to the voice of my Grand Aunt at the age of 60 explaining how it was for her…. in fact she had no idea what was happening until the life boat was some distance away, it was then she heard explosions and saw the ship sink rapidly… it became very clear this was not how it was meant to be.The internationally acclaimed composer Dirk Haubrich has created an electronic music score to accompany an interview mygrand Aunt Katherine Gillnagh gave at the age of 60, recalling the night in question.” Marguerite Donlon